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Riding Like a Princess: Meet McClain

Riding Like a Princess: Meet McClain

McClain and Children's Hunter Granit

Riding tends to attract hard-working, well-rounded kids, and McClain is truly in that category. We know her to be exceptionally caring and attentive with her horses ó and sweet as can be with her human friends.

In her fifth year of riding as a junior, McClain is gracefully rising to new challenges on her horse Granit. (And literally rising! She’s taller than most of the adults around the barn.) Read on to get to know McClain and find out what’s ahead for her riding career this season.


What’s a typical week like for you with school and riding?

When Iím not showing, I do private tutoring Monday-Thursday in the mornings. On Mondays, I do French and my veterinary course. I donít have a set schedule for Tuesday through Thursday ó it really depends on my sisterís school schedule. (McClain’s sister Sutton also rides at Mechlin.)

Sometimes I spend the night at Mechlin on Thursday after I ride, because Iím usually at the barn all day on Friday.

In what divisions do you compete?


I show in the younger childrenís hunters and the 14 and under equitation.

What’s your favorite horse show memory?

At Tulsa Rendezvous, we worked on sitting ďlike a princessĒ and I had a clean sweep of the 12-14 equitation. I also won two classes in the younger childrenís hunters, so Granit and I were champions!

What’s your riding goal for this year?


McClain and children's hunter Granit

I want to place well in WCHR Childrenís Standings for the nation and Midwest. I would also like to have good placings in the 12-14 equitation for the Zone.

What advice do you have for younger kids who are just starting to take their riding to the next level?

Do your homework, and be sure you have chosen the right professional to help you reach your goals. Sit down with your trainer and talk about your goals ó one-month goals, six-month goals, one-year goals, and junior career goals.

Finally, never pass up an opportunity to learn! The Plaid Horse Magazine has a great internship/brand ambassador program, and I have already learned so much and made so many valuable connections in the business through this program.

Do you have any horse show rituals?


McClain and children's hunter Montego

In the morning, when I get to the show, before I do anything else I like to give my horses morning snuggles and treats!

Do you have a favorite movie quote?

Iím cheating because itís a show, but:

So do it. Decide. Is this the life you want to live? Is this the person you want to love? Is this the best you can be? Can you be stronger? Kinder? More compassionate? Decide. Breathe in. Breathe out and decide.

~Meredith Grey

And, most importantly, what is your favorite food?

Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets!


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