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From New York to STL: Meet Mechlin Rider Lindsay

From New York to STL: Meet Mechlin Rider Lindsay

Junior rider competing on a chestnut junior hunter

Lindsay riding Dream On aka “Tigger”


One of the fabulous things about Mechlin Farm is our diverse group of riders, horses and trainers. Our barn family members come from all over, which makes for a nice shared learning environment and great conversations too.

Here’s a look into our community, via an interview with one of our junior riders, Lindsay Sterne. Lindsay lives in New York and commutes to St. Louis to ride at Mechlin. She has been riding since the age of seven, and currently competes in the 3’3″ junior hunters and the children’s hunters.

You travel from New York to St. Louis for training at Mechlin Farm. What’s a typical week like for you?

I start my weeks off like any normal kid by going to school, but then after school I spend my time working ahead on homework and taking tests early in order for me to be able to focus my best on the weekends at Mechlin. My teachers even allow me to miss school on Fridays so I can catch a 7 am flight , which I am usually late for, to STL.

The Altheimers are so nice and they allow me to live with them on the weekends, where I spend my time taking three or four lessons a day! This winter while we are at WEF I have been keeping up with my classes remotely from Florida, but it’s hard because I don’t get to see my friends for months!

What’s your favorite horse show memory?

My favorite horse show memory was being reserve champion at the Hampton classic and getting to celebrate by spending time and going to my favorite restaurant with all my friends!

What’s your riding goal for this year?

My riding goal for this year is to become really consistent on my horses in the 33″ juniors and to earn some top ribbons at big horse shows like WEF and the Hampton Classic. (Note: Lindsay can already check that off the list see her WEF round below!)

What advice do you have for kids who are just starting to take their riding to the next level?

I would tell them to find the right trainer and pony so they can take it slowly and gain their confidence! Confidence is key when youre challenging yourself.

Do you have any horse show rituals or superstitions?

I almost always like to walk around the whole ring so I can see each jump from the angle Im jumping it. I also always make a deal with my horses right before I walk up to the ring. I say, if I give you this treat, you have to be even more perfect than usual, and usually it works!

And, most importantly, what’s your favorite food?

My favorite food is pasta! I would eat penne with butter for every meal if my mom let me.

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