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5 Equestrian Truths to Help You Gift Shop for Your Horse Friends

5 Equestrian Truths to Help You Gift Shop for Your Horse Friends

Pony and rider dressed up in holiday gear

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Shopping for an equestrian this year? It may not be as tough as you think, even if you do find the horse world baffling. Read on for five equestrian truths that are sure to spur (pun intended) a few creative gift ideas.

1. Horse people have lots of equipment to keep organized.

Sure, we have tack boxes that measure about 11 cubic feet in volume — but all that space quickly gets jumbled up by leg gear and grooming equipment. Not to mention the spurs, gloves, random hairnets, various clipper blades and, of course, the car keys and cell phone.

Any gift item that helps a girl stay organized will be a hit. A stylish, durable backpack with multiple compartments is a great choice.

2. Horse stuff gets dirty.

Even the cleanest barns and show facilities can’t keep the dust, mud and errant shavings away. Gifts that clean — or prevent messes from happening at all — will always be put to good use. If you don’t feel that great about gifting a tub of glycerin soap to your BFF, here are two more interesting alternatives that are just as practical.

For show days, rubber overshoes keep those polished boots looking fresh between rides and course walks.

A luxury bath towel adds a touch of indulgence to the end of a long day at the barn.

3. Equestrians think horse first.

Your dear horse friend likely spends hours grooming and primping her show horse. And she wouldn’t hesitate to pick up another bucket of horse treats or even an extra blanket that’s a slightly different weight than the horse’s other two blankets. Meanwhile, she’ll forget to eat lunch or pick the shavings out of her hair during a busy show day.

You can help her get some balance back in her life with a few self-care essentials, like a nice hair brush or a pretty pair of stud earrings.


4. Horse owners are basically obsessed with their horses.

Even if you don’t understand the horse obsession, it’s always appreciated when you acknowledge it. This doesn’t require you to take up riding lessons yourself either; a personalized, horse-themed gift is all you need. Try shopping Etsy for a selection of custom grooming brushes, horse pillows, jewelry boxes, ribbon racks, horse-themed whiskey tumblers and more.

If you want to do something really special, consider booking a photo shoot with a horse photographer or commissioning a hand-painted horse portrait.

5. The shopping list never ends.

You’ll never meet a horse owner who can say, “I have everything I need.” Whether it’s a new piece of tack or a pair of show breeches, horse owners have a never-ending shopping list of horse-related gear. So you can’t go wrong with a gift card to literally any tack shop. Smartpak or Dover Saddlery are two popular online stores that offer gift cards.

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