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Abbi Stoll Committed to University of Kentucky equestrian team
Posted by | March 22, 2019
College Bound: Meet Mechlin Rider Abbi Stoll

Abbi Stoll is a fixture at Mechlin Farm but not for long. Abbi's long-standing goal of riding for a college equestrian team is about to become reality, and that...

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Posted by | June 5, 2018
Riding Like a Princess: Meet McClain

Riding tends to attract hard-working, well-rounded kids, and McClain is truly in that category. We know her to be exceptionally caring and attentive with her horses and sweet as...

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Posted by | May 6, 2018
An Amateur Comeback Story: Meet Kristi

The Mechlin Farm barn community has something for everyone rising stars working their way through the pony ranks, juniors stepping up to new challenges, and amateurs juggling demands of...

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Mackenzie Altheimer jumping her horse at Palm Beach International Equestrian Center
Posted by | April 2, 2018
Success with a Smile: Meet Mechlin Rider Mackenzie

If you've been around the local or national horse show scene at all, you've heard of Mackenzie Altheimer. She's a talented junior rider who's proven herself in all three rings...

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Junior rider competing on a chestnut junior hunter
Posted by | February 27, 2018
From New York to STL: Meet Mechlin Rider Lindsay

Lindsay riding Dream On aka "Tigger"   One of the fabulous things about Mechlin Farm is our diverse group of riders, horses and trainers. Our barn family members come from...

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